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Seven Force Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that develops and sells products exclusively for beauty salons.

We are careful about the ingredients we use in our formulations, and we use a lot of effective ingredients, and we develop products that you can use for a long time, and that you will want to use again.

Alodia japan partner

Introduction of hair color as a product exclusively for beauty salons.

HC dye (low molecular weight) and basic dye (ion bonding) based, non-silicone color treatment. It is a non-diamine, no oxidative polymerization, no “smudging” or “dulling” and a colorant with minimal damage to the hair. In addition, the fixing power of the dye is improved with highly concentrated amino acids, etc., so the coloring result is comparable to alkaline color.

Personal Products are products that provide salon quality hair care at home.

Moisturizing ingredients penetrate to the core of the hair to keep it vibrant and beautiful. Using carefully selected ingredients with a focus on damage and anti-aging care, the power of natural ingredients is maximized with the support of chemistry.
Alodia japan partner
Alodia japan partner

Since 2022, we have been offering products from Alodia Co., Ltd. in Thailand in Japan.

Dense Oil uses emollient oils such as virgin rice bran oil and almond oil, which blend well with the skin and give it a light feel, and argan oil, which is highly moisturizing and antioxidant, as base oils. The use of non-oxidizing oils ensures that you will feel the same comfort throughout the day.
In addition, we offer hand cream, balm candle and perfume roller.
We plan to introduce more new products this year.

For more information visit our website www.7-force.co.jp
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